Serious Games for Research, Marketing and Education

Integrating art and technology to educate, entertain and enliven
our roles as citizens, consumers and community caretakers.

Web, Mobile and Desktop Apps

Application design, development and support for smartphones, tablets and desktops,
including backend services for payments, geolocation, social networks and other Internet-enabled solutions.

International Projects with World-class Talent

R2DevCo developers, project managers and artists come from all over the world.
Our customers are located in Europe, North America and Asia-Pacific.


Recent Projects

Universal Smart Energy Framework Demonstrator

Smart Energy Demonstrator

The Universal Smart Energy Framework (USEF) supports the large-scale deployment of smart energy grids throughout the world.

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Fuel Your Cause Fundraising Payments Platform

Social Fundraising Platform

Fuel Your Cause is a web/mobile platform using payment-card-linking to help supporters raise money for their favorite non-profit causes.

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Smart Gas Grids Research Game

Simulating the Future of Gas

Working with a Dutch energy research consortium we built a serious game platform to investigate sustainable energy market systems.

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