Online games can entertain and engage players in hours of fun, but they can also educate and help solve real-world problems. Serious games are used by schools, governments, private industry and the military to test operational scenarios, train the workforce and accelerate knowledge transfer over conventional approaches like classroom training and static documentation. R2DevCo can provide strategic consulting, design and implementation for your serious games projects.

R2DevCo partners with stakeholders such as universities and engineering firms to apply online gaming technology to serious game applications that benefit from high-end graphics, physics engines, 3D navigation and other features that are commonly used for entertainment purposes and increasingly used in more serious applications.

Specific Services

Game Production Game Production
Game producers handle all aspects of the game development process, including game design, talent sourcing and project management.
Game Design Game Design
Authoring the game narrative, rules, developing characters and props, defining points systems and win-lose outcomes.
Development Development
We are proficient with modern game engines, user interfaces and end user devices including desktop computers, tablets and smartphones.

Digital Art Digital Art
Backgrounds, textures, UI design elements, characters and overall visual asthetics.

3D Modeling 3D Modeling
Creating virtual replicas of real-world and imaginary objects, environments, cities and open spaces.

Animation Animation
Animators bring artwork to life, depicting operating machinery, character movements and other animations.