The Universal Smart Energy Framework (USEF) is a set of specifications and guidelines that support the commoditization of smart energy products and services. USEF is being developed by energy suppliers, network operators, electrical equipment manufacturers and IT companies working in partnership to accelerate the adoption of smart energy technologies.

The USEF Demonstrator is an online game that helps stakeholders learn the fundamental features of USEF and how it benefits power companies, grid operators and end users.

Key Features

Online Play

The game is available to play online using a web browser.

2.5D Game Map of Energy Supply Chain

Demonstrating the benefits of USEF required the game designers to construct a map that showed the entire electric power infrastructure from generator plants to high- and medium-voltage transport lines and underground distribution grids in residential neighborhoods. The game designers opted for a 2.5D map with camera panning and zooming to focus in on different points of the power grid as the USEF benefits are described.

Flexing power demand

An important feature of USEF is the ability to aggregate demand and supply flexibility and use it to reduce demand during peak load periods. The USEF Demonstrator allows the player to experience the power of flexible demand.
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Power Generation Planning

The USEF Demonstrator asks the player to build a daily supply plan that balances the anticipated load for the day. The player chooses from nuclear, coal, gas and wind turbine generation sources.

Shifting to Electricity

A major shift in energy consumption is taking place as consumers replace gas-powered heating with electric heat pumps. Also, the increasing adoption of electric vehicles is driving increased electricity consumption in suburban neighborhoods. The USEF Demonstrator simulates increases in electricity demand as well as the ability to shift demand and supply using USEF processes to manage flexibility.

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The Customer

The USEF Foundation is a partnership between energy suppliers, network operators, consultancy and IT companies. To accelerate the development of commercially viable offerings based on the framework, USEF develops specifications and guidelines that enable you to develop smart energy products, services and solutions in an unambiguous way.

USEF Partners include the following:


R2DevCo Services

R2DevCo provided the following services on this project

  • Game Producer:
    Overall project management, talent sourcing, team building, scheduling, requirements development and status meetings.
  • Game Developer:
    Game platform software developer responsible for art asset integration, game play programming, game controller, UI controller and UI integration.
  • 2D Artist:
    Design and render game map graphics, including power generators, transport grids, residential neighborhoods and other power infrastructure.
  • 2D Animator:
    Produce animated sequences depicting the energy system at work, including generator operation, load on the distribution grid and the transition of end users towards more electricity usage and also becoming power producers themselves.
  • Game Designer:
    Develops the game narrative and player interactions to deliver on the game’s learning objectives and make the game fun to play.

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