Gasboard is a serious game that helps drive innovation in smart gas grids and incorporate sustainable energy sources into the existing energy market. Players include bio-gas producers (farmers), gas grid operators, fossil gas producers, gas consumers and regulators. The game allows these stakeholders to work together in a simulated energy market to figure out best approaches to building a more sustainable energy industry.

Key Features

Drag and Drop Infrastructure

Players can build factories, gas pipelines and new micro-grids connecting bio-gas production facilities to legacy fossil-gas grids.


Automatic Flow Calculations

Infrastructure pieces are automatically connected and verified by back-end services running optimized flow calculations powered by the AIMMS platform.

Chat Rooms for Business Partners

Players participate in chat sessions to discuss and negotiate supply contracts, infrastructure investments and operational details. All chat texts are stored in a database for follow-on analysis.

Online Play

Energy industry executives, engineers, regulators and researchers play online using a web browser, connecting from anywhere on the Internet.

The Customer


Energy Delta Gas Research (EDGaR) is a Dutch research consortium of ten enterprises and research institutes that was formed to help secure the energy future of the Netherlands.

EDGaR Partners include the following:

gasunie DNV-GL university_of_groningen

R2DevCo Services

R2DevCo provided the following services on this project

  • Game Producer:
    Overall project management, talent sourcing, team building, scheduling, requirements development and status meetings.
  • Game Developer:
    Game platform software developer responsible for art asset integration, game board programming, 3D navigation, game controller, UI controller and integration with back-end server.
  • 3d Environment Artist:
    Design and implementation of the game environment including materials, shaders, hexagonal tiles, skybox, water, lighting.
  • 3d Modeler:
    Design and implementation of game pieces representing factories, gas pipelines, biogas generation and conversion units, gas well head.
  • 2d UI Artist:
    Design and specification of 2d UI including overall look and feel, typography, screen layouts and user interaction design.

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