Fuel Your Cause is an online, mobile-driven fundraising platform that raises money for non-profit causes by driving retail transactions at participating merchants. Non-profit causes recruit their supporters who register their credit cards to earn automatic contributions when they make purchases at merchants that have agreed to give back a percentage the supporters’ purchases.

Key Features

Card-linked Transaction Processing

Using card-linking, we allow consumers to register their existing credit and debit cards and turn them into fundraising cards that automatically report in-network transactions to the Fuel Your Cause fundraising engine. There is no extra loyalty card to carry around, and merchants can join the program without having to make any changes to their point-of-sale (POS) equipment.

Open Network of Causes and Merchants

Any non-profit cause can earn contributions from any participating merchant. Fuel Your Cause does not “lock” a merchant to one specific cause or limit causes to a shortlist of merchants. The open nature of the network means all stakeholders–merchants, causes and supporters–gain maximum benefit from the growth of the network.


Mobile Messaging – Real-time “Thank you” Messages

When supporters make purchases at in-network merchants, they receive immediate “Thank you” messages on their smartphone. Example: a supporter invites friends to lunch and when she gives the server her credit card, she receives a “Thank you” message on her phone before the server even returns to the table. (Real-time messaging is triggered when the payment card is swiped.)

Realtime Dashboards

Each non-profit cause can see key performance indicators (KPI) that are updated in real-time when supporters make purchases at participating merchants.


The Customer


Fuel Your Cause is a start-up company based in South Florida. R2DevCo built the transaction processing, fundraising and communication platform that powers Fuel Your Cause program. R2DevCo founder and chief technologist Ray Dickenson also serves on the Fuel Your Cause management team.

R2DevCo Services

R2DevCo provided the following services on this project

  • Software Strategy:
    Conduct market research on fundraising platforms, retail marketing networks, consumer demographics and drive-time analysis. Develop marketing and platform requirements, identify components to buy, build or license.
  • Software Architect:
    Design, plan and guide implementation of the Fuel Your Cause transaction processing and fundraising engine. Source technology, manage technology partners and design APIs for back-office and front-end systems.
  • Front-end Developer:
    Design and implement user interface and user interaction for Merchants, Causes, Supporters and back-office functions.
  • Payment Systems Developer:
    Implement card-linking and management capabilities to allow consumer credit and debit cards to be registered on the network and matching transactions to be reported to the fundraising engine.
  • Mobile Messaging
    Integrate the transaction processing engine with real-time SMS messaging for mobile alerts and Thank You messages.

Learn More

Fuel Your Cause website [external link]