We have been developing software for nearly 20 years for customers that include the US Navy, Comcast, Cox Communications, Suntrust Banks, BT (British Telecom), DNV-GL Energy and Telstra. Our specialties include online applications that connect to in-the-cloud services and deliver benefits in endpoint security, online sales, energy research and communications.

R2DevCo provides software strategy consulting for enterprises that recognize they need to move into new areas of online, software-driven service delivery. Give us a call today to discuss your requirements or chat about how R2DevCo services can help create new online revenue streams and increase your operational efficiency.

Specific Services

Development Development
Desktop and mobile apps, e-commerce sites, back-end license management and cloud-based services are all in our repertoire.

Risk Management Risk Management
Our project managers identify, track and constrain risk factors to ensure successful outcomes.

Deployment Deployment
We have developed, packaged and deployed consumer and enterprise software for millions of end users in the US, Europe and Asia-Pacific.

Agile Process Agile Process
We use an adaptive, iterative development process with frequent customer communication and demonstration of features.

Focused on Results Focused on Results
Our projects are typically broad in scope and full of technical detail, but we never lose sight of our customers’ goals.
Talk to Us Talk to Us
We love to hear about your projects and give frank, informed feedback on whether R2DevCo is right for you.